The Green Is No Longer Only To Be Smoked – Explore The Options!

The Green Is No Longer Only To Be Smoked – Explore The Options!

Cannabis has been consumed through smoking for many years until it became legal in many countries and states. A wide array of cannabis products have been released on the market in the last couple of years. If you want to switch it up and try cannabis without the smoking part, cannabis can be consumed in a variety of ways. However, each product is consumed differently and some of them don’t get you the “high” you want. Read on to know what the options are and how to find the right cannabis product for you. Cannabis Flower The cannabis flower is the most used type of cannabis since its legalization. You get to roll a bud and smoke the good old-fashioned way and enjoy its “high” and medicinal properties. There are also other ways for smoking cannabis such as smoking it out of a pipe, bong rips, and a bowl. It gives a quick high as the cannabinoids go directly to your bloodstream through your lungs.  You can buy it as a dried flower or pre-rolled joints if you want to save some time. The high can last from one to three hours depending on the potency of the strain. There are no standard dosing instructions, so make sure not to over-consume it. Concentrates Concentrates are the desirable compounds of cannabis (cannabinoids and terpenes) after removing the plant material and other impurities. Naturally, concentrates have higher levels of terpenes and cannabinoids than dried buds. Cannabis concentrates can be found in vaping cartridges and they can be sprinkled on cannabis flowers to increase their potency.  You can also vaporize concentrates by heating a nail made of glass, titanium, or ceramic and then pouring the concentrate over it and inhaling the vapor coming out of it. Concentrates are extremely potent so they have…

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