When Launching a Dispensary, Identify The Gaps: Q&A With Hope Wiseman

When Launching a Dispensary, Identify The Gaps: Q&A With Hope Wiseman

<![CDATA[Although many barriers exist when launching a cannabis dispensary, Hope Wiseman, owner of Mary & Main in Capitol Heights, Md., says besides finding capital, access to the expertise and industry knowledge necessary to compete may top the list. “The major players, we’re in play. It’s difficult to jump into a new market now,” Wiseman says. “Ten years ago, everybody was new, so the competition was level. Now you have some people who are way out front.” However, because there are more established companies than when Wiseman started the cannabis license application process for Mary & Main in 2014, “there are ladders to climb where you can get experience,” she says.  Ahead of her session at Cannabis Conference 2022, where Wiseman will be moderating on a panel of experienced dispensary owners on how to get a retail business off the ground, she offers advice on site selection, hiring, budgeting and more.  Editor’s note: Hope Wiseman will be moderating the session “How to Launch a Medical or Adult-Use Dispensary” from 10:00-11:10 a.m. Aug. 23 at Cannabis Conference, taking place at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. In this session, experienced dispensary operators will weigh in on site selection, how to ensure you have enough capital to sustain your business through common project delays that could otherwise derail your opening plans, and much more. Visit https://www.cannabisconference.com/ for more information and to register. Michelle Simakis: There are many components that go into dispensary site selection, but what would be one nonnegotiable when you are looking at a location and trying to decide where to house your cannabis dispensary? Is there a most important consideration? Hope Wiseman: For retail specifically, I would say [lack of] parking is one of the biggest deterrents, unless you’re in a city or a heavily populated area where people are used to…

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