The History of Cannabis Regulation

The History of Cannabis Regulation

In this first in a series of three articles, we explore the history of the cannabis industry for the benefit of our Irish and European readers. Against the backdrop of a thriving and increasingly complex industry in North America and other countries across the Atlantic, let’s assess the recent, but rapidly expanding regulation of a legal cannabis industry in Europe and how our laws have begun to evolve away from blanket prohibition. What is the Cannabis Industry?   It is an umbrella term with different meanings to different people, often with confusing overlapping terminology. Cannabis is a collective noun covering both hemp and marijuana. These plants are both the same species (cannabis sativa) but the threshold of 0.3% THC (the psychoactive substance) distinguishes hemp from marijuana. Each have several industrial, medical, and recreational uses dating back millennia. The cannabis industry as we know it today is classically defined as comprising all activities and professionals involved directly and indirectly in the legal production, logistics, sale, and use of medical or recreational marijuana and hemp. This includes industrial applications. Whether such activities or products are legal depends on jurisdiction. The use of hemp for industrial applications is well documented, going back 3,000 years to the Vikings who used hemp as a material for their tapestries. The first copies of the Gutenberg bibles were printed on paper made from hemp fibers. The sails, nets, and rope on Christopher Columbus’ fleet were made of hemp. It was cheap, plentiful, and reliable, but cotton and petroleum based synthetic fibers came to replace it due to ease of processing and bulk importing. The use of marijuana as a medicine or recreational drug is far more recent, perhaps as early as 1798 when Napoleon’s troops brought hashish back from their campaign in Egypt. Hashish was subsequently banned by Napoleon…

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