At Long Last – Washington Ditches “Marijuana” Nomenclature

At Long Last – Washington Ditches “Marijuana” Nomenclature

It took time and a long time at that, but, eventually, we are there… Link to see the memos. For one reason or another WSLB aren’t letting us get to the actual memos. LCB Board Action: Permanent Rule Making Replacing Term “Marijuana” with “Cannabis” On July 6, 2022, during its regularly scheduled meeting, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board took the following action: Cannabis-related action: Permanent Rule Making Approved a rule-making order (CR 103) regarding implementation of Second Substitute House Bill 1210 – Replacing “Marijuana” with “Cannabis.” This permanent rulemaking replaces the term “marijuana” with “cannabis” throughout the rules of the Liquor and Cannabis Board in Title 314 WAC. Concise Explanatory Statement Memorandum CR-103 filed as WSR 22-14-111 on July 6, 2022

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