5 signs you might be a weed mooch

5 signs you might be a weed mooch

Bring something to the circle, man. For real. Your friend has always been known for the good weed — and he’s always going to bring the good weed — but he doesn’t want you to just expect the good weed. And there’s nothing that we feel more disrespected by than a weed mooch. Except for the government. So, what are the most hated entities in the cannabis community? One: the government; and two: weed mooches. What is a mooch? A mooch in general is someone who always takes without ever giving back. A mooch comes through selfishly to exploit the blessings bestowed upon them, and if ever called out, they may take extreme offense. A mooch is someone that can hear “Yes” a thousand times and still be taken aback after hearing a single “No.” You never want to be a mooch. It’s not a good way to treat people, this world, or yourself. Gina Coleman/Weedmaps 5 signs you might be a weed mooch If the above sounds like you, or someone you know, here are five characteristics to know for sure — and to cut it out. 1. You never buy weed, but you’re always high This is truly the biggest sign that you’re a weed mooch. If you’re always part of the session but come empty-handed, you’re a weed mooch. If you never contribute any flower — only blunt wraps and joint papers — you’re a weed mooch. Truthfully, your friends who always have weed aren’t tripping too much about how much of their stash you’re going through, cause smoking with people is always fun, but they are silently annoyed that you never come through, even with a lil’ gram to twist up in honor of all the times you haven’t. 2. You have a knack for appearing…

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