Everything you need to know about the Puffco Proxy

Everything you need to know about the Puffco Proxy

When Puffco launched the Peak e-rig in 2018, dabbing was an opaque, underground culture, accessible only to torch-wielding super stoners. Flash forward to now, and the brand has become synonymous with innovation in the space, consistently rolling out products that not only appeal to the hyper-insular subculture of cannabis but push that culture forward by making hash highs accessible to the mainstream. The game-changing ethos of Puffco shines in its newest product: the Proxy, a modular vaporizer that’s going to revolutionize hash consumption, as well as the culture it predicates. Concentrates are an effective way to use cannabis, but the genre has been marred by stigma and lack of visibility. People are scared of what they don’t know, and dabbing isn’t something they encounter in social settings like a joint or a gummy. While the Peak and Peak Pro took dabbing from the basement to the coffee table, the Proxy is bringing it from your living room to the streets. Not only does the versatile design of the atomizer pod invite glass artists to contribute to an entirely new accessory space, but the portability of the waterless device in pipe form has also made hash consumption easier and more discreet than ever before. What is the Puffco Proxy? The Puffco Proxy is a portable, modular vaporizer aimed at creating a fully customizable experience. Whereas other modular dab devices are made to fit into pre-existing glass rigs or bongs, the Proxy requires glass to be designed around it. The base Proxy unit is basically like a portable, rubber-clad version of the 3D Chamber atomizer found in the Peak Pro device. The ceramic chamber heats evenly on all sides, with an Oculus carb cap featuring a directional air path to maximize vapor production.

When purchased (for $299), the device arrives…

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