Did The Founding Fathers Grow Cannabis?

Did The Founding Fathers Grow Cannabis?

July 4th – American Independence Day – conjures images of the flag, the founding fathers, national pride and rich political heritage. So, where does cannabis come in? A few former Presidents of the United States have admitted to smoking pot in the past, but the very first holders of the office are thought to have grown their own plants. Did the founding fathers grow cannabis? Maybe we should change their name to the founding farmers. Table of contentsA Brief History LessonThe Founding Fathers and HempThe Next Two Office Holders Also Grew HempJefferson: A Skilled CultivatorWeeding Out the FablesHow the Confusion may have StartedThe Founding Fathers Smoking Hemp Looks Highly Unlikely A Brief History Lesson America has an intriguing track record when it comes to cannabis. From fierce prohibition in the early part of the 20th Century to Proposition 215, there’s a long and storied history of controversial decisions surrounding the plant in the USA. But at one time, things were altogether different. In fact, America gave us the first cannabis law in the new world as far back as 1619. In those early days, Jamestown was a permanent English settlement in what was then the colony of Virginia. Records show that settlers would plant hemp abundantly due to its versatility, and put it to good use in making ropes, sails, clothing and more. All sea vessels carried hemp seed to some degree. As such, the plant and its reputation spread throughout the original colonies. Thanks to its multiple uses, the order to grow hemp was announced via Jamestown in 1619. The plant quickly became as good as currency. Taxes were paid in hemp for two centuries, and until the 1800s, hemp’s role in development was so vital that it was illegal not to grow it in some areas. The Founding…

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