8 Key Signs of Cannabis Plant Deficiencies

8 Key Signs of Cannabis Plant Deficiencies

Find out how to recognize the most common cannabis plant deficiencies and problems using this comprehensive guide. If you’re a new, or experienced grower, the Seedsman Community numbers is the tens of thousands and is a warm and welcoming place where we share tips, tricks and advice on all of the below. You can get involved here: Facebook Community The private Seedsman Community Facebook group is 12k members strong and is updated daily by growers just like you looking for advice, you’re always welcome to join! Discord Community Our official Discord was set up a year ago in response to our social pages constantly under threat. Discord is s super easy platform, and our channel is full of dozens of sub-channels dedicated to all types of grows. We also have grow-off competitions, an internal casino and daily games! What are you waiting for? Table of contentsFacebook CommunityDiscord Community1. Heat Stress2. Nutrient Solution Burn3. Over Watering4. PH Fluctuation5. O-Zone Damage6. Nutrient ProblemsRoot Stunting7. Mobile ElementsNitrogen (N)Nitrogen DeficienciesNitrogen ToxicityPhosphorous (P)Phosphorous DeficiencyPhosphorous ToxicityPotassium (K)Potassium DeficiencyPotassium ToxicityMagnesium (MG)Magnesium DeficiencyMagnesium ToxicityZINC (ZN)Zinc DeficienciesZinc Toxicity8. Immobile ElementsSulphur (S)Sulphur DeficiencySulphur ToxicityCalcium (C)Calcium DeficiencyCalcium ToxicityIron (FE)Iron DeficiencyIron ToxicityManganese (MN)Manganese DeficiencyManganese ToxicityChlorineChlorine DeficiencyChlorine ToxicityBoronBoron DeficiencyBoron ToxicityCopperCopper DeficiencyCopper ToxicityMolybdenumMolybdenum DeficiencyMolybdenum ToxicitySodiumSiliconCobalt 1. Heat Stress Look closely, and you’ll see the brown leaf edges that are indicative of heat stress. This damage looks a lot like nutrient burn, except it occurs only at the tops of the plants closest to the lamps. There’s only one cure for this: get the heat away from the plants, either by moving the lamps or moving the plants. 2. Nutrient Solution Burn There’s a good chance that this bud was subjected to nutrient solution burn. These symptoms are seen when the EC concentration of hydroponic solutions is too high. These symptoms also appear when strong…

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