If U.S. Presidents Were Cannabis Strains

If U.S. Presidents Were Cannabis Strains

American Independence Day is traditionally a time of celebration. Sadly, in these politically hyper-polarized times, it’s been almost forgotten that the day should be about having fun. Politics may divide us, but weed should bring people together. As part of Seedsman’s 4th of July festivities, we take a novel look at some of America’s most iconic presidents and imagine which cannabis strains would best define them. George Washington Badazz OG Cheese If you want a strain that defines the first president of the United States, Badazz OG Cheese is hard to top. The original founding father was a noble and honest president who famously grew cannabis in abundance on his land at Mount Vernon, Virginia, back in colonial times – that automatically qualifies him as a badass in our book! Washington stood about 6ft 1, so it’s fitting that Badazz OG Cheese is a sativa. This luscious strain will top out at around 300cm, making it a tall plant and yield high, too. It’s a hybrid of Badazz OG and UK Cheese, and the irony of the British connection isn’t lost on us, but this is a succulent strain of cannabis that’s sure to please the taste buds. After a maximum flowering time of 9 weeks – about the same as it took to debate the Constitution – you can look forward to a splendid uplifting and euphoric effect from cannabis with a THC content in the region of 15-20%. The flavour of Badazz OG Cheese is spicy and herbal from its OG lineage, but with a delicious cheddary quality not seen in the White House since 7th President Andrew Jackson was presented with a massive block of cheese weighing just under a ton on New Year’s Day, 1836! George Washington’s weed is available on Seedsman now Thomas Jefferson Blue…

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