BBC: Guernsey to investigate legal status of cannabis

BBC: Guernsey to investigate legal status of cannabis

We hope this is as a result of the outrageous sentences for medical cannabis carers handed down this past week in Guernsey. UK: Guernsey … Prison Sentences Given To 3 Medical Cannabis Suppliers.. One Person Is 68 & Was Giving The Medical Cannabis To His Wife   Guernsey’s politicians have agreed to investigate the legal status of cannabis on the island. A separate review will continue to look at non-punitive sentences for the possession of small quantities of drugs. The work could pave the way for a move to legalise the drug. HSC Vice-President Tina Bury argued this was “the work before the work” and would help States members make an informed decision on this subject. The proposals from a majority of the Health and Social Care Committee were approved alongside the rest of the Government Work Plan. Health and Social Care President Al Brouard said he “doesn’t believe it’s the majority of the community” who want cannabis legalised. but the rest of his committee pushed for this investigation to happen. Deputy Aidan Matthews, who sits on Health and Social Care, said cannabis was not a “niche interest” anymore and “it’s not hippies doing something it’s a global sector of the market”. President of Policy and Resources Peter Ferbrache voted against the proposal as he was concerned about the number of “wacky backy” shops which may appear on Guernsey’s High Street. Home Affairs Committee President and former head of the island’s customs service Rob Prow said “cannabis is a Class B drug for a good reason and should remain a Class B drug”.

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Source : BBC: Guernsey to investigate legal status of cannabis

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