Argentina Realizes The Need For Tertiary Cannabis Research & Education

Argentina Realizes The Need For Tertiary Cannabis Research & Education

El Planteo What Options Are There to Study Cannabis in Argentina? It is necessary to train the human resources that participate in the different links of this value chain. Even more so after the sanction of the law that establishes the regulatory framework for the industry, production and trade, which promises to expand the scope of medicinal cannabis and hemp. Meanwhile, cannabis is already in the classroom. For example, the national universities of La Plata (UNLP), Córdoba (UNC) and del Sur (UNS) incorporated medical cannabis as an optional subject in their undergraduate courses in the health area. Advanced students of Medicine, Pharmacy, Molecular Biology and a degree in Biotechnology and Molecular Biology can now be trained on the multiple clinical approaches that the organic compounds of cannabis sativa have. This is a key step forward for education and culture that highlights the importance of overcoming the burdens of prohibition and addressing the needs of health and the economy. In addition to the initiatives of the study careers mentioned, there are others that are even more recent. One of them is the diploma in cannabis production and regulation at the University of Rosario. It is fee-based and begins in July, and registration is open until this Saturday, June 25. It is aimed at professionals and the general public, it is taught virtually and its duration is six months. It aims to generate legal knowledge and about the productive development offered by this industry. Read full article (Spanish) El Cannabis Sigue Dando Cátedra: Últimas Novedades de Universidades en Argentina

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