Florida: Trulieve unlawful background checks $60,500 class action lawsuit settlement

Florida: Trulieve unlawful background checks ,500 class action lawsuit settlement

Top Class Actions reports Trulieve agreed to pay $60,500 to resolve class action lawsuit claims it violated FCRA with unlawful background checks. The settlement benefits Trulieve applicants and employees who suffered from adverse employment action as a result of a background check obtained since Sept. 17, 2017, who were not provided notice, a summary or a copy of the report. According to the settlement website, there are around 1,000 eligible class members. Trulieve is a Florida-based cannabis dispensary that sells marijuana products from its own brands. The company has numerous locations in Florida but has also expanded to other legalized states such as California, Arizona, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Maryland. According to a class action lawsuit against the cannabis company, Trulieve violates federal law with its background check policies. Specifically, the company allegedly took adverse employment action against applicants and employees without providing these individuals with notices, summaries of their reports or copies of their reports. Plaintiffs in the case argue that these background check policies violate the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Under the FCRA, companies cannot take adverse action against applicants or employees without providing credit report information. Employers must provide information about which credit reporting company provided the report along with notices about individuals’ rights to dispute report information or get an additional free report. Trulieve allegedly fails to meet these requirements. Plaintiffs in the Trulieve FCRA class action lawsuit argue they are owed compensation based on these violations. Trulieve has not admitted any wrongdoing under the FCRA but agreed to pay $60,500 to resolve these claims. Under the terms of the settlement, class members can collect a cash payment. Payments will vary depending on the net settlement fund and the number of class members who file a claim. For example, if the net settlement fund is $50,000 and only…

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Source : Florida: Trulieve unlawful background checks ,500 class action lawsuit settlement

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