Israel – Cannabis Party: “We will be putting up candidates in next election”

Israel – Cannabis Party: “We will be putting up candidates in next election”

The Times of Israel reports Boaz Wachtel, acting chair of the Green Leaf party, says the pro-marijuana legalization party will run in Israel’s upcoming elections. “Yes, we’ll run,” he says, adding that there are ongoing disagreements within the party over its leadership. Although the party has run in several elections since it was founded in 1999, it has been unable to cross the electoral threshold to send lawmakers to the Knesset. The November election will be the first time the party has run since 2015. A bill to regulate medical cannabis by broadening grants of growers’ licenses, creating quality oversight, and facilitating import and export failed to pass in the Knesset last week. Read more at     June 24, 2021 BOAZ WACHTEL An innovative entrepreneur, independent peace and environmental activist; Boaz is the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman & chief innovator at Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Ltd. Roots is an incubator dedicated to increasing crop optimization. It develops and commercializes unique root zone heating and cooling, creating technology  for the cannabis and general agriculture sector. Utilizing unique irrigation by condensation processes they are able to sustain full life cycle of plants, grape vines and young trees, irrigating them just with water from the humidity in the air. Boaz is also the Co founder and Executive Chairman of The Board of CresoPharma, with offices in Australia and Israel.  Creso-Pharma leverages science and research, to develop, register, and commercialize innovative therapeutic approaches that target the body’s endocannabinoid system. A former IDF combat medic in the Prime Minister’s Special Forces, he was a former Assistant Army Attaché at the Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C. He is the founder of Israel’s ‘Green Leaf Party’  advocating cannabis legalization, promoting environmental protection, human rights and stridently anti-occupation Boaz was a researcher and consultant for the democracy think tank, Freedom House on issues regarding Middle-East water and regional cooperation. Together with a former director of Israel’s foreign ministry, he authored  a proposal,  The Peace Canal on the Golan Heights; Benefits and Risks to Regional Water Cooperation, as…

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Source : Israel – Cannabis Party: “We will be putting up candidates in next election”

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