How to Throw the Ultimate Cannabis Barbecue

How to Throw the Ultimate Cannabis Barbecue
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Now that summer’s officially in full swing, it’s time to enjoy these long warm evenings with some backyard fun—and what could be more fun than getting high with some of your friends while enjoying a great meal? But while we’ve all grown up with the idea of a backyard cookout as a place for crushing some burgers and beers, what might a cannabis barbecue look like instead? To get some insight and inspiration, we caught up with Jordan Wagman, a James Beard Award-winning chef who’s known for his work crafting health-focused cannabis-infused dishes for private events across North America. And although Canadian-born, Wagman assures that he’s got what it takes to put together the ultimate Fourth of July cannabis barbecue. “This is one of those moments I’m proud to pull out my US passport,” he says, laughing. It’s The Sauce No matter where the barbecue, the most exciting action happens on the grill, churning out an array of burgers, hot dogs, veggies and other plant-based foods. “The trick is always going to be in the sauce,” Wagman says. “When you’re working with a hot grill, you wouldn’t necessarily start basting your ribs or vegan burger at the beginning. By the time it’d charred there would be no cannabis left,” he says, alluding to the fact that cannabis infusions are temperature-sensitive and that cannabinoids will denature at around 250 degrees.  Wagman’s solution is to use a regular non-infused sauce throughout the marinating and cooking process, saving the addition of any cannabis-infused sauces as a finish. “I’ll use an infused barbecue sauce as a glaze at the end, smothering it all over,” he says. Wagman applies a similar science-backed approach to serving cannabis infused sides and salads. “The most important thing is to make sure any dressings or vinaigrettes are really well…

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