5 Tips to Capitalize on Friday Sales at Your Dispensary

5 Tips to Capitalize on Friday Sales at Your Dispensary

<![CDATA[Friday has become many dispensaries’ highest sales day across the nation. With the weekend just getting started and many people’s payday being at the end of the week, Fridays continue to provide cannabis retailers with increased customer traffic and the opportunity to capitalize on a predictable sales uptick. For example, Massachusetts’ adult-use sales on Friday, June 3, represented 19.2% of the total sales for that week, outpacing Saturday (16.8%), the second-highest sales day, and Thursday (14.5%), the third-highest day, according to data from the state’s Cannabis Control Commission. Monday, the lowest sales day, represented 10.8% of the total volume for that week. Those trends continued the following two weeks.In order to make the most of your Friday sales uptick, Nick Jack, chief operating officer, with national cannabis brand Diego Pellicer Worldwide, whose retail operation in Denver was recently rebranded to Frost Exotic Cannabis, offers five tips his company uses to take advantage of anticipated demand spikes and to keep those transactions increasing. “Being busy is no excuse to lack on providing a top-tier service and maximizing the consumer journey to the best of your ability,” Jack said.  1. Staff store accordingly Having the dispensary staffed enough to handle those big Friday rushes is key to having an efficient shopping and checkout process for customers. Being able to handle rushes and get customers in and out will allow even more sales. Jack suggests using a heat map in order to plan out the busiest times of the day and decide when to have more or less staff in the store.  “It’s great to be busy, but you want to ensure that you’re providing a quality experience to lock down that return customer,” Jack said. “If your customers are coming in and receiving slow/poor service on Fridays, your Fridays will eventually become less busy as consumers will opt…

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