Legal High: Switzerland to Lift Ban on Legal Cannabis

Legal High: Switzerland to Lift Ban on Legal Cannabis
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Legal high is a phrase you’d usually reserve for the myriad of dubious over-the-counter drugs that come and go from the market with regularity, but the Swiss government is working on plans to make cannabis a recreational drug, and ease restrictions on medical marijuana patients, Swiss news outlet Blick reported on Tuesday.According to an amendment to the Swiss Narcotics Act that was approved by Parliament in March 2021, the Swiss government announced on June 22 that it will lift the ban on medical cannabis.Agence France Presse reports that the government wants to make medical cannabis more accessible to patients.“The decision to use a cannabis-based medicine for therapeutic purposes will rest with the doctor, in consultation with the patient,” the government said.The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) will no longer require patients to obtain permission prior to receiving treatment from August 1. Sale and consumption of cannabis for adult use will remain illegal.A doctor must approve the use of medical cannabis in Switzerland, or an approval from the FOPH was previously required.There is still a limit of 1% THC allowed in medical cannabis, and the medicine must be licensed. Sativex is the only prescription drug that is currently approved for patients. “Tedious administrative procedures” Swissmedic, the country’s federal public law institution, is in charge of approving and supervising the country’s pharmaceutical industries, including cocaine, methadone, and morphine. It could eventually be given the responsibility of managing the cannabis industry.A total of 3,000 authorizations were granted to cannabis patients suffering from various medical conditions in 2019.This process was described as “tedious administrative procedures. Sick people must be able to access these medicines without excessive bureaucracy,” by the Federal Office in Switzerland.An upcoming trial of recreational cannabis dubbed “Zuri Can” was approved by the government in September 2021 and is expected to…

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