Education – the missing link in the medical cannabis industry

Education – the missing link in the medical cannabis industry
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As the scientific community begins to catch up, when it comes to medical cannabis, there remains a knowledge gap among healthcare professionals. A small but increasing number of educational institutions are looking to close it. As cannabis continues to be legalised for medical use in countries across the globe, there is a rising demand for education in treating patients with a range of conditions. Valued at $8 billion in 2018, recent statistics estimate that the global medical cannabis industry will reach $52.8 billion by 2027. Global cannabis reform is creating a surge in demand for qualified cannabis healthcare professionals and with a poll earlier this year finding that 55 per cent of Europeans support adult-use cannabis legalisation, the market is only set to grow. Healthcare professionals play an integral role in bridging the gap between the expanding industry, shifting legislation and rapidly evolving science. However, there are still very few institutions that offer higher education programmes in what is a relatively novel field of medicine. In the US, there are as few as three universities providing medical cannabis courses for healthcare professionals. The most recent to launch is a programme of courses at Pacific College of Health and Science, which includes a masters of science degree in cannabis science and therapeutics, launching in Autumn this year. “There’s always been a little bit of reticence from the medical community about embracing cannabis as a medicine. There are a number of good reasons for that,” director of Medical Cannabis Programmes at Pacific College, Timothy Byars, told Cannabis Health. “Obviously in the US, it’s a schedule one drug so clinicians are concerned about their licences and about their practice. There’s also a lot of cultural baggage around cannabis use. The public has been subject to research bias and misinformation for decades now. “It’s…

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