NHS refuses to fund cannabis treatment for young epilepsy sufferer

NHS refuses to fund cannabis treatment for young epilepsy sufferer
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Young epilepsy sufferer Louis Petit, four years after a historic campaign to have medicinal cannabis legalised in Britain, is now being blocked from having the life-saving drug by the NHS, a Mirror investigation has uncovered.As a result of the NHS’ decision not to cover his cannabis medication, the teenager faces a return of life-threatening epileptic seizures within weeks.Louis, 19 years old, has been bed-ridden and unable to speak properly because of violent seizures in the past.Four years ago, he moved to Holland with his mother, where the drug Bedrolite can be purchased at a lower price than in the UK.His mother, Emma, had money donated from family, crowdfunded, and even spent her life savings on Bedrolite.The seizures Louis suffered from, which can cause permanent brain damage, stopped completely after he weaned off his NHS medication and started using Bedrolite.The 19-month seizure-free period allows him to focus on what is truly important to him. He is now enrolled in a university degree course in London after completely regaining his health.However, Louis’ medication is about to expire in August because the family has run out of funds.Louis told the Mirror: “I’ll lose my life again if I’m taken off cannabis and start having seizures again.” 90 young epilepsy sufferers potentially affected Despite the law change – and following NHS prescriptions for the three most high profile child cases – NHS England has now halted funding the unlicensed medicines in a secret U-turn.According to NHS England, trusts are reluctant to pay for such ‘high cost’ unlicensed prescriptions for fear that it will set a precedent and bankrupt them.The Mirror story reported at least 90 young epilepsy sufferers are having NHS prescriptions denied for the only drug found to halt their life-threatening seizures.Louis told the Mirror: “Before I was on cannabis I was on…

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Source : NHS refuses to fund cannabis treatment for young epilepsy sufferer

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