How To Grow Big Cannabis Plants Outdoors

How To Grow Big Cannabis Plants Outdoors

When you’re looking to grow big cannabis outdoors, both size and what you do with it are important. Fear not if your outdoor cannabis plants look more like Kevin Hart than The Rock. With the right tips, you’ll soon be gazing out over some serious size. If you’ve ever browsed weed-related social media accounts, you might’ve marvelled at the hulking green majesty of the cannabis trees grown out in California. Unless you’re a seasoned cannabis cultivator, you’ve no doubt wondered how they do it, too. Unfortunately, it’s not just a case of buying special cannabis tree seeds and following the usual steps. But there’s good news! By reading this article and following the guidelines, you, too, can grow cannabis outdoors that will dwarf your neighbour’s poplars. Table of contentsBig Cannabis Begins With The Right StrainShould You Use Indica or Sativa for Big Cannabis Plants?Basic Anatomy of Cannabis SativaBasic Anatomy of Cannabis IndicaYou Need Space to Grow Big OutdoorsBig Outdoor Plants Need Big Outdoor PotsTo Grow Cannabis Trees, Consider Soiling Yourself!The Main StagesThe Vegetative Stage – Key to Achieving SizeFeeding and Watering For Maximum GrowthTraining Techniques For Big Outdoor CannabisFinal Thoughts on Growing Big Cannabis Plants Outdoors Big Cannabis Begins With The Right Strain As with any project, quality genetics is the best place to start. Opt for photoperiod strains, as autoflowering cannabis is engineered to produce smaller plants. You’ll still get cracking cannabis from autoflowering strains, sure. But if it’s the sheer size you’re after, photoperiod cannabis strains are the best choice. Have a clear idea of what you want from your cannabis in terms of flavour and effects, and hop to Seedsman’s strain finder. From there, look for the tallest-growing, highest-yielding cultivars. Get those cannabis seeds added to your basket for a good head start. Pictured above: Seedsman’s Badazz…

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