How To Talk To Your Kids About Cannabis Use

How To Talk To Your Kids About Cannabis Use

You want to talk to your kids about cannabis. Your consumption, your home growth, or your work with cannabis. This can be daunting, especially if you live somewhere with restrictive laws. But even in jurisdictions where cannabis use is legal, there is a lingering and pervasive stigma around pot and parenting, and being open about your cannabis use can have negative repercussions. Whether you are the CEO of a fully-fledged legal cannabis company or an illegal medical home grower, you are likely to encounter people who keeping this information quiet, seems the best idea. Prejudice can threaten your child’s play dates and school experience and invite unwanted judgement. Aside from what other people think, you might also be concerned that if you are open about your cannabis use, it will encourage your children to experiment with it. While they are young and their brain is still developing, this could impact their mental health, school work and future employment potential. Worse still, there could be multiple unwanted legal ramifications if your children get caught consuming cannabis or accidentally let slip that you grow or smoke it. In countries where cannabis use remains illegal, this ‘slip’ would be classified as a ‘disclosure’ and involve multiple agencies (social services, police etc.) interfering in your family’s lives. Worst case scenario, you could lose the right to parent your children due to being deemed ‘unfit’ as a result of your cannabis use. So, do you keep your cannabis use or your grow room hidden until your kids become young adults, or do you share in your love of the plant from an early age? Telling your Kids you use Cannabis The legal situation where you live will undoubtedly influence the conversations you have or don’t have. In countries or states where all cannabis use is…

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