Patient Access Scheme: Removing barriers to medical cannabis

Patient Access Scheme: Removing barriers to medical cannabis
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A patient access scheme from Grow Pharma, one of the UK’s leading providers of cannabis-based medicine, has announced the launch of The Grow Access Project in association with Integro Medical Clinics.The patient access scheme aims to lower the barriers to accessing cannabis medicine for patients on low-income benefits, as well as make it more accessible to veterans of the UK armed forces.Grow Pharma’s own-brand flower products, which launched in 2022, will be available for a reduced price to patients on the plan, as well as reduced consultation fees – including 500 free consultations for the first people to sign up.Only a few prescriptions for medical cannabis have been issued by the NHS since medical cannabis was legalized in the UK in 2018.The cost of cannabis medicines can be a significant barrier, causing patients to have to access them through the private sector or on the black market. Patient Access Scheme: A significant saving Alex Fraser, Patient Access Lead at Grow Pharma said, “Our Grow range, launched in May, includes five flower medicines cultivated in North Macedonia by EU-GMP licensed producer PHCANN, and is the lowest priced range of flowers available through Grow-IPS Pharma alongside the Aurora, Tilray, and Spectrum ranges.”Patients on Universal Credit (or similar means-tested benefits), as well as veterans of UK armed forces, will be able to access the full range for £6.50 per gram, a significant saving.Fraser continued “Historically, we have seen lower-priced and subsidised medical cannabis services in the UK that often lack in consistent supply, quality of medicines or standard of care from clinics. With this new project we are enabling those on lower incomes an opportunity to access the exemplary services from Integro, Grow and IPS. We aim to increase access to medical cannabis for patients without sacrificing quality care and medicines”To sign up…

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