Growing Cannabis With Dense Buds

Growing Cannabis With Dense Buds

Face it – we all want to grow those big, dense buds of cannabis flower. But how do you do it? Achieving that manna from heaven is not just possible – it’s fairly easy when you know how. Table of contentsGenetics Play a Huge Part in Achieving Dense BudsDon’t Rely on Pot LuckLet There Be LightLight ColourLight ScheduleTemperature and Humidity are Vital ComponentsWell-Fed Plants Grow Up Big and StrongTake A Training CourseFor Denser Buds, Don’t Harvest Too Soon3 Strains For Dense BudsAlaskan Purple FeminisedPeyote WiFiBlue Dream Several factors contribute to the size of your buds, and we’ll take you through them one by one. Bookmark this page and use it as a reference, and with the right equipment and TLC, you’ll need a flatbed truck for your next harvest. Genetics Play a Huge Part in Achieving Dense Buds There’s no sense in wishing for high yields of voluptuous cannabis flower if you’ve chosen a strain that doesn’t have the genetics to manifest mass. You’ll get off on the right foot by choosing your strain carefully. Not all strains are the same, so start with one that can deliver big buds. Check the yield rate in the strain’s characteristics and plump for something with a high number. If you’re unsure what numbers dictate a high yield, hop over to the strain finder and choose ‘high yielding seeds’. Anything on that list will make an ideal starting point, but don’t just choose buds for buds’ sake. Consider other variables that make a suitable strain for you, such as taste, effects, etc. Most cannabis strains available these days are hybrids. This is because crossbreeding indica and sativa genetics allows breeders to preserve the most favourable characteristics of each and can go some way to establishing better resilience. It’s handy to know that…

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