Consumers support lifting of social media ad restrictions

Consumers support lifting of social media ad restrictions
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Cannabis Health readers are supportive of a new petition calling on social media giants to lift restrictions on the advertising of CBD products. On Monday 20 June, UK-based wellness company Cellular Goods, announced the launch of an industry-backed petition calling on media giants to lift the advertising restrictions currently facing brands in the sector. The firm, along with seven leading companies, who together comprise The CBG and CBD Brands Coalition, is urging social media firms and search engines, such as Google and Meta, to remove cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabidiol (CBD) from their list of prohibited content and allow brands to sell and advertise these products on their platforms.  Over 4.6 billion people use social media, but many media companies have included CBD and CBG in their prohibited content – alongside illegal drugs – and have banned the advertisement of these products on their platforms. In an open letter to Google and Meta, the coalition says that this blanket ban is not only limiting companies’ ability to  promote their CBG and CBD products to potential consumers, but is “strengthening misconceptions around CBG and CBD”, and “hampering the public’s ability to access verified information about them”. This it says, is making it more difficult for consumers to make “informed purchasing decisions and learn about their wellness benefits”.  Following the launch of the petition, Cannabis Health asked readers if they agreed with the calls to lift restrictions on advertising and marketing CBD and CBG online. More than 160 people responded to polls on LinkedIn and Twitter, with over 90 per cent saying they supported the petition. David Molloy, founder of DNACBD, said brands should “not be hamstrung” and that the current rules “need to change”. While Hon Nicholas Forsyth, of CBD Expert, agreed that being able to share more freely would “remove stigma”…

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