Half of Hemp Delta-9 THC Products Mislabeled

Half of Hemp Delta-9 THC Products Mislabeled
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A study of products containing hemp-derived THC found that more than half are mislabeled, with the potency advertised on packaging varying substantially from the cannabinoid levels determined by independent laboratory analysis. The research also determined that many of the products were far more potent than regulated edible products available in states that have legalized recreational marijuana. A report on the study, which tested more than 50 products labeled as containing delta-9 THC from hemp, was published online recently by online education resource CBD Oracle. “Our lab analysis reveals that while most hemp delta-9 products (96%) fall within the limits set by the 2018 Farm Bill, slightly over half varied substantially from their advertised dosage,” CBD Oracle wrote in an article about the study. “The dosages were also much higher than the allowable dosages for edibles in legal states, some 3.7-fold higher than the maximum allowed in states like Colorado or California.” To conduct the study, researchers purchased 53 popular products containing hemp-derived THC, the cannabinoid associated with the classic high produced by marijuana. Although delta-9 THC was specifically singled out as illegal by the legalization of hemp under the 2018 Farm Bill, many manufacturers are using an apparent legal loophole to market the hemp-derived cannabinoid nationwide. CBD Oracle reports that the products are “generally marketed as ‘hemp delta-9,’ ‘CBD + THC,’ ‘Full Spectrum’ or ‘Compliant delta-9,’ and are available online and in retail stores in all 50 states.” The researchers estimate that 120 companies are producing such products nationwide, including 89 that market them online. The study identified 1,800 individual product SKUs available for sale. The products purchased for the study included selections from 48 different brands. Researchers used online search volumes and consumer recommendations to identify the most popular products available and estimate that the 53 individual products selected…

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