Puffco Proxy: A Classic Hashpipe Reimagined

Puffco Proxy: A Classic Hashpipe Reimagined
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Puffco is known for its cutting-edge technology, raising the bar over and over again with each product drop. Revered for their revolutionary Peak and Peak Pro smart rig devices, the brand is coveted by dabbers across the board. The company’s latest release, the Puffco Proxy, changes the game yet again with its slick design and modular functionality. The first offering in a new ecosystem targeted at heads and the canna-curious alike, the Proxy takes the form of a classic Sherlock pipe, bringing a familiar favorite into the 21st century.  “As soon as you hold it in your hand it feels like this old friend,” Puffco founder and CEO Roger Volodarsky told Cannabis Now. The addition of the Proxy to the Puffco family brings with it seemingly endless possibilities for customization. It likely won’t be long until pipe makers far and wide are adding heady Proxy glass to their portfolios—something Volodarsky has been looking forward to since the device’s inception. A Dab Rig for Everyone The Puffco Proxy, in development for nearly two and a half years, was intended to help introduce people to the dabbing experience in an approachable manner. Volodarsky explains that while the Peak was a great start, some consumers still found the torchless rig to be intimidating.  “This is the thing that is going to reach the masses and breakthrough to people that haven’t yet become comfortable with hash consumption,” he predicts. The Proxy’s design centers around its removable base unit, the key to the modular capabilities. The 3D chamber within provides even heating while the Oculus carb cap features a directional air-path for a perfect hit every time. Both components can be removed easily for cleaning (be sure to follow the company’s included instructions during this process to protect your hardware). Like its big brother the OG Peak, the Proxy features four built-in temperature settings controlled…

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