Cannabis oil for epilepsy: ‘huge sums of money’

Cannabis oil for epilepsy: ‘huge sums of money’
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In a time when the cost of living is soaring, Charlotte Caldwell, who campaigned for the use of cannabis oil for epilepsy to keep her son alive, said scores of families pay ‘huge sums of money’ privately to obtain prescriptions.Back in 2018, her son Billy, 17, from Castlederg, County Tyrone, became the first patient on the NHS in the UK to receive cannabis-based medication. Billy has autism and intractable epilepsy.After years of campaigning for the cannabis oil prescription, and after often being hospitalized due to almost 400 seizures a day, Billy was approved and has now been seizure-free for over a year.In 2018, the Caldwells played a leading role in a campaign that led to changes in the law allowing certain patients access to treatment.Medical cannabis was legalised, but since then only three prescriptions have been written for it on the NHS.According to Ms. Caldwell, obtaining a government-funded prescription for medical cannabis has been daunting, cumbersome, and opaque. Many families have resorted to private health care or risked the black market to obtain it. Cannabis oil for epilepsy: 1.4 million people using the Black Market In the UK, there are 1,486 government-funded prescriptions for medical cannabis four years after legalisation.“While I am delighted that there is now a route to affordable and reliable medical cannabis treatment in the UK, I am saddened that it remains a complex and at times opaque process.” said the Castlederg resident.However, 60 paediatric epilepsy patients are estimated to be unable to obtain medical cannabis covered by the NHS, and some are reported to be paying up to £2,000 a month to access it through private healthcare.Around 1.4 million Britons use black market cannabis to treat medical conditions, it is estimated. Manufacturers: ‘Put your medicine where your mouth is’ As part of her campaign, Ms. Caldwell…

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