What To Expect With New York's First 200 Adult-Use Dispensaries

What To Expect With New York's First 200 Adult-Use Dispensaries

<![CDATA[HuMany New Yorkers are waiting with bated breath to legally purchase adult-use cannabis  once the NYS Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) gives the go-ahead. I’ve seen it a few times, in Colorado and Massachusetts: the anticipation, comradery, exhaustion and simultaneous annoyance of higher prices due to taxation and waiting on line the first day of legal cannabis sales. But do consumers know what those first 200 retail dispensaries across New York will actually look like? Well, look to our northern trés chic neighbor, Montreal, and their government-operated stores.Following the April 9 New York state (NYS) Budget Bill, which provided $50 million in public funds and statutory powers to the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY), NYS published a Request for Proposal, ending June 13, for prevailing contractors to provide fully furnished, “turn-key” dispensaries, fully equipped with POS systems, security, safes, cameras, bathrooms, offices, etc. For those envisioning funky, innovative and unique stores, DASNY will likely render these first 200 dispensaries fairly uniform inside and out, with the exception of a so-called “branding wall” for the license holders to get creative with.Retail DetailsDASNY’s May 13 Design-Build Services for Select Retail Cannabis Dispensaries Request for Proposal RFP #7586 offers a sneak peek at the first 200 NYS adult-use retail dispensaries. According to the RFP (request for proposal), DASNY will act as agent for New York’s Social Equity Cannabis Investment Fund, LP (NYSECIF) to identify suitable commercial retail properties for dispensaries, and design and outfit these leased premises based on forthcoming retail dispensary security regulations. NYSECIF will then sublease these properties to prevailing retail license applicants to operate. Prevailing proposers should be selected by July 11 to start the design and construction of cannabis dispensaries throughout New York state.These dispensaries will be “equitably dispersed across” 10 geographic regions throughout New York…

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