Mohave Cannabis Co. is Worth Checking Out

Mohave Cannabis Co. is Worth Checking Out
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Mohave Cannabis Co. is a high-quality indoor operation in California and Arizona that produces two lines of flower, Mohave Reserve and Mohave Select, as well as concentrates and pre-rolls. On the high end is Mohave Reserve, where trendy cultivars shine in the form of flashy, crystalline nugs. These cuts have tested over 25% THC and are offered in half ounce bags or one-eighth jars. They pack a fantastic high that’s totally worth the reasonable price tag of around $45. Mohave Select, their lower price point line, features affordable weed that people will actually want to smoke. While the nugs are smaller and slightly less dank, it’s still good indoor that won’t break the bank, but isn’t alarmingly cheap either (which is a huge red flag!).  In this stage of the industry, with mids taking over the market—especially in the realms people can generally afford—Mohave Cannabis Company’s line was a breath of fresh air in terms of quality, price and overall attention to detail in cultivation. So, let’s review some of their products. Slapjackz 1/2oz Bag Let’s start with my favorite of the bunch: the half-ounce bag of Slapjackz from their Mohave Reserve line. While I don’t know much about this strain, I would imagine it’s a Jack Herer cross of some kind based on the name, the nose, the color of the buds, and pretty much everything else. The flower is tightly trimmed, light green, a little orange and frosted with crystals. It has a fluffy density that breaks up well, and it made my fingers sticky as I loaded it into the bowl of my bong, which is always a good sign. The nose of this cultivar is very strong—I was shocked when I opened the bag. Fruity, pine, lemon and gas, with a sharp floral finish. It was…

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