Autism Treatment UK: Can Cannabis ‘treat’ autism?

Autism Treatment UK: Can Cannabis ‘treat’ autism?
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Autism treatment in the UK is a hotbed for debate. Studies and anecdotes suggest that cannabis may have therapeutic effects on people living with autism, but there is not enough evidence to support this.Autistic people’s brains develop differently from those of people without autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Therefore, autistic people may act differently, interact differently, and learn differently than people without ASD.Social interaction can be difficult when you have ASD due to a focus on, or desire for, repetitive patterns of behaviour. Among other things, ASD may delay language development, cause hyperactivity, and cause seizures.People with ASD may consider medicinal cannabis if these symptoms affect their quality of life.There is a lot of stigma around treating autism. Generally speaking, autism specialists do not believe there is a ‘cure’ for the disorder.A person with autism may believe that there is no need for treatment or even management and that it is better to embrace their way of life and ignore societal norms. Autism Treatment UK: Fighting the symptoms Meanwhile, researchers continue to explore the therapeutic uses of cannabis. According to a 2018 review, there is conclusive evidence that cannabis can treat:pain in adultsnausea and vomiting due to chemotherapymuscle spasms and tightness connected with multiple sclerosissecondary sleep disturbancesWhile this review didn’t mention ASD, research conducted in 2019 analysed existing peer-reviewed literature regarding cannabis as a treatment for ASD. To better understand the risks and possible benefits, the team calls for large-scale studies.Anecdotal accounts and other studies suggest that cannabis may benefit people with certain ASD symptoms. Another study from 2021 concluded that cannabis and its natural compounds, called cannabinoids, are effective alternative treatments for ASD symptoms. Cannabis is not a cure-all, but it’s a start In this specific review, the authors determined that cannabis products reduced a range of symptoms, such as:hyperactivityattacks of…

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