Success for early trial exploring CBD treatment for epilepsy in dogs

Success for early trial exploring CBD treatment for epilepsy in dogs
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An early study looking at the potential of CBD as a treatment for epilepsy in dogs has produced promising results. A small-scale efficacy trial in dogs with refractory (drug-resistant) epilepsy has produced positive results, showing that dogs had a decrease in the frequency of their epileptic seizures after taking CBD. Innocan Pharma Corporation announced the successful preliminary results this week. In the  initial phase of research, the dogs were treated with Innocan Pharma’s LPT (CBD Loaded Liposome Platform) injection, a unique CBD drug delivery platform. The trial is one of several ongoing studies that test the liposome platform on a range of potential conditions. The experiments have demonstrated initial positive results, validating the viability of Innocan’s intention to make CBD available to humans and animals for extended periods upon a single dosage. Innocan’s unique delivery method allows for the controlled release of CBD into the bloodstream with improved pharmacokinetic performance. By administering CBD encapsulated in liposomes, the scientists seek to achieve long-lasting and significant levels of CBD in the body, which the company believes will create a far more effective and continuous therapeutic effect. The research was conducted in collaboration with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and indicates the potential for the company’s technology to effectively deliver cannabinoids to the bloodstream. Professor Chezy Barenholz of The Hebrew University said: “My lab is proud to be paving the way to what may be a veterinary world that infuses CBD on a regular basis. We take pride in our co-operation with Innocan Pharma that I believe holds immense potential. “Innocan Pharma may be achieving sectoral leadership with our new results,” said Iris Bincovich, CEO of Innocan and added, “We are on the track to transitioning into later stages of drug development and these results will be crucial in determining the path ahead.”…

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