Autoflower Week by Week in Pictures

Autoflower Week by Week in Pictures

The flowering stage of autoflower cannabis is an incredibly important step when it comes to producing good marijuana. Over the next few days and weeks, you’ll start seeing your buds develop, and it’s always super exciting. If it’s your first time growing, it’s helpful to know what to keep an eye on so you know when to harvest. With that in mind, we’re going to show you two autoflower plants growing from day one all the way to harvest. Table of contentsGrowing Autoflower CannabisAutoflower Week by Week – The Grow:Week 1- Germination to Early SeedsWeek 2: End of Seedling StageWeek 3: Vegetation ContinuesWeek 4: Late Vegetation Week 5: The Beginning of Flowering Week 6: Flowering ContinuesWeek 7: Maintenance Week 8: Almost Harvest TimeWeek 9: Harvest TimeNow it’s Your TurnAlaskan Diesel AutoStrawberry Cheesecake AutoShare Your Grow Growing Autoflower Cannabis Autoflowering strains have been bred so that, after a plant has been growing for a certain amount of time, it will automatically begin to flower. This makes them perfect for beginner collectors and why so many in the Seedsman community collect autoflowering cannabis seeds. Additionally, they’re more compact and easier to care for, can better handle pests, and are ready to harvest sooner in legal markets.    Autoflowering seeds are a Seedsman speciality; we were the first to sell autoflowering cannabis seeds to the public.   By their very nature, autoflowers are easier to grow. Unlike regular photoperiod strains, autoflowering cannabis shifts automatically between vegetative and flowering stages with age instead of the ratio of light exposure. This means most autoflowers are ready to harvest in 10 weeks from the first germination. This makes them ideal for beginner growers looking for an easier way to begin and comes in handy for traditional harvesters due to their quick turnarounds. We’ve put together these ten tips…

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