Should People Be Pardoned for Cannabis Related Crimes?

Should People Be Pardoned for Cannabis Related Crimes?

In the last several years, many countries are choosing to legalise cannabis and, as the system gradually changes, we consider whether people should be pardoned for cannabis related crimes… Legalising cannabis is a topic that is rife with debate. Over the last few years, many countries across the world have made moves to reform their drug laws, starting with cannabis. In countries where cannabis is still illegal, there’s a huge difference in the sentences issued for possession and supply. In some countries, you’ll get off with a minor fine, and in others you’ll need a top drug offences lawyer to help you appeal years of prison time. When countries decide to legalise marijuana, their authorities have to consider the citizens who have previously been punished for drug offences. Should these punishments still be upheld in a changed system? We explore this question, here… Should people be pardoned for cannabis related crimes? Many countries have chosen to legalise the recreational use of cannabis, including Canada, Malta, and many USA states, like Colorado (the first state to do so). Other countries that have followed suit include Georgia, South Africa, and Australian Capital Territory in Australia. In the Netherlands, cannabis has long been legalised for recreational consumption in licensed coffee houses. In these countries, many people have criminal records for cannabis possession, or are even serving prison sentences for such convictions. As a result, there’s been much debate about whether these individuals should now be pardoned for their cannabis related crimes. Naturally, it seems unjust to uphold cannabis sentences in countries where the substance is now readily available for recreational use. Many governments across the world are now taking steps to pardon individuals for these offences. Cannabis pardons in Canada Cannabis was legalised in Canada in 2018, meaning that the drug was permitted for recreational…

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