How Long Do Cannabis Seeds Last?

How Long Do Cannabis Seeds Last?

Knowing how to properly store your cannabis seeds isn’t rocket science, but to a beginner grower especially, there’s a lot to be aware of. The key factors in maintaining seeds are storage methods, light, temperature, and humidity. If this looks like a minefield, don’t panic! In this article, we’ll walk you through the main dos and don’ts of storage – not just the hows, but also the whys – and those precious seeds will be good to grow when you’re ready. Understanding the Key Elements of Seeds Storage To store marijuana seeds, it’s essential to starve them of the conditions they need to develop. Failure to do this can lead to a drop in germination rate, and you could easily find yourself opening a container of useless seeds which are no longer viable. Consider all the variables involved in plant growth, and if needs be, carry out further research to better understand how these can impact seed storage. Since most plants see winter as the time of dormancy and spring as the time of new growth, the way you store your seeds should try to emulate the critical conditions of winter, which should keep the seeds from germinating. Table of contentsUnderstanding the Key Elements of Seeds StorageUnderstanding Cannabis SeedsHow the Main Variables Affect your Cannabis SeedsLightHumidityMonitoring Humidity Levels for Cannabis SeedsHow to Control Humidity Levels for Cannabis SeedsStoring Seeds Shorter-Term in a RoomStoring Cannabis Seeds in the RefrigeratorStoring Cannabis Seeds in the FreezerThe Ideal Temperature Range for Safe Seed StorageCultivarsHypothetical Case StudiesHaving Quality Genetics Helps Understanding Cannabis Seeds Cannabis seeds are similar to any other type of seed used to produce plants. They’re hardy-looking things, but they have a shelf life. They’re also susceptible to environmental changes – too much fluctuation in any direction can cause them to spoil. An…

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