Precision Extraction’s PX5 Hydrocarbon Extractor Leads The Way

Precision Extraction’s PX5 Hydrocarbon Extractor Leads The Way
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In recent years, the cannabis consumption landscape has changed from a primarily flower-dominated market to one that heavily features products made from extracts that can be vaped or infused into topicals, edibles and a myriad of other products. However, not all extracts are created equal; the extraction method directly impacts product quality and consistency. In response to this, Precision Extraction provides cannabis businesses with complete turn-key lab solutions, including facility design, installation, training and technical support. “At Precision, we realized pretty early that cannabis concentrates were growing in popularity and that consistency and reproducibility at scale in the extraction processes was key to long-term success,” said Brian Towns, Precision Extraction’s vice president of operations. Precision Extraction is on a mission to continue evolving the science of extraction equipment and technology. To achieve this, the Precision Extraction team uses their design, engineering and manufacturing expertise to ensure that all of their products are safe, reliable, refined, and only of the highest quality.  Precision Extraction was recently acquired by Agrify, the cannabis and hemp market’s largest integrated total solutions provider. According to Tennant, the acquisition will provide solutions for many of the challenges customers encounter across the supply chain from a single trusted source. Top-Tier Extraction on Every Scale Precision Extraction offers ethanol and hydrocarbon extraction equipment. The ethanol extraction system is the fastest batch extraction method on the market and is recommended for creating full-spectrum hemp extracts. The hydrocarbon method delivers high-quality products from a single extraction without the need for further refinement. Additionally, this kind of extraction produces the widest variety of cannabis extract products. Having been used in the food and pharmaceutical industries for over 50 years, hydrocarbon solvents—such as butane and propane—are the most popular and widely utilized solvents for extracting cannabis.  Precision Extraction’s range of closed-loop lab equipment is specifically designed for hydrocarbon…

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