Finnish CBD entrepreneur may face drug importation charges

Finnish CBD entrepreneur may face drug importation charges

A hemp and CBD oil business run by a Finnish entrepreneur is being investigated by Finnish Customs authorities for aggravated drug offences. Now entrepreneur Tuomas Ahonen told Yle that he is the main suspect in the ongoing investigation. Ahonen has operated two companies selling hemp-based products, with one firm focusing on the sale of industrial hemp flowers, while the other sold CBD (cannabidiol) oil and powder made from hemp. The sales were carried out online, with Ahonen importing the hemp from abroad and selling it to customers in Finland Industrial hemp refers to legal, non-intoxicating varieties of hemp grown for the production of mainly seeds and fibre, while CBD oil contains cannabidiol, which has no intoxicating effect, but does have relaxing and medicinal properties. According to Southwestern Finland District Court, Ahonen was detained for two weeks in May, under suspicion of an aggravated drug offense. Yle has not been able to independently verify that the investigation is directly related to sales by Ahonen’s online shop. Ahonen tells Yle that he is suspected, among other things, of importing illegal drugs. He says that Customs told him that hemp products containíng even the smallest amount of THC (the psychoactive component of cannabis) are considered to be illegal drugs. Customs has conducted several preliminary investigations in connection with sales of cannabis, according to Customs’ director of enforcement, Hannu Sinkkonen. Sinkkonen would not comment on how many preliminary investigations are underway or how many people are suspected of violations. He did confirm that seizures have been made in connection with the investigations. Sinkkonen added that suspects are being held in connection with the cases. Ahonen is by no means the only CBD retailer in Finland. For example, the health food store Ruohonjuuri and the department store chain Kärkkäinen sell CBD oil, but their operations have not aroused…

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