Endometriosis UK: A holistic approach needed for women

Endometriosis UK: A holistic approach needed for women
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Endometriosis UK: After decades of living in the UK with unbearable pain every month, Amy Bowles was diagnosed with both endometriosis and adenomyosis.Amy Bowles, 42, had always thought that she just had “bad periods.” She would be unable to walk or function in anyway for days at a time, sometimes with pain so bad that it caused her to black out.“I’ve had heavy periods all my life and a lot of pain and discomfort,” says Amy. “I’d go to my GP, but I’d just be given painkillers. I moved around a lot when I was younger so no one noticed that I was saying the same thing.”Although to her it felt normal being totally bedridden with pain, she met her current partner in her late 30s, who became concerned with how much she was suffering.“He would tell me what had happened because I’d black out or not remember things, and he became really upset about it,” she describes.“I thought this was just how periods were – I’d really normalised what was going on with me.”In August 2019, her partner finally convinced doctors to help, and she underwent a laparoscopy. A number of cysts and fibroids were discovered on her organs, and Amy was diagnosed with stage four endometriosis and adenomyosis.“It was a huge fight to get that diagnosis,” says Amy. “It was a relief and hugely validating to suddenly find myself in a room with doctors where I spoke the same language as them, because previously my pain hadn’t seemed like it was taken seriously.” Endometriosis UK: Not widely acknowledged Despite finally feeling validated with an actual diagnosis, treatments and services for gynaecology are extremely limited. Doctors are stretched, especially since the pandemic, with waiting lists soaring over 60 percent. According to studies, over 500,000 women are currently waiting for…

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