Could the U.K. Eliminate Novel Food Regulations for Cannabis?

Could the U.K. Eliminate Novel Food Regulations for Cannabis?
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In what would be a major boon to the regulated cannabis industry in the U.K., a Parliamentary group has now suggested that products containing cannabidiol should no longer be subjected to Novel Food regulations. Firms who wish to manufacture CBD-containing food products to date across Europe have all had to submit such applications to prove that cannabidiol is not hazardous to human health. In both the U.K. and the E.U., this has been rocky territory. On the British side, in March, the Food Safety Authority (FSA) gave 3,536 products preliminary approval before complaints caused the agency to expand that list to 6,000 with more to be added. Critics have said that the system is complex, costly, anti-competitive, and has no benefit for consumers. Those wishing to amend that path to market also argue that submitting every CBD product to this process is like using an elephant gun to shoot a mouse. Here is why. Novel Food applications are usually required only of large corporations with international reach. There is almost no chance that smaller firms would have the wherewithal to perform such processes. The British group has also suggested that the manufacturers of such products should be required to submit COAs—or certificates of analysis—to prove that they are not hazardous to human health. This move would drastically speed up the development of this part of the industry, with implications for THC as well. COA analysis is also the standard used routinely in the backend of sourcing for the industry. People looking for bulk cannabis flower, distillate, or isolate share COAs before purchase agreements are signed—on both the medical and non-medical side. These recommendations, as a result, are incredibly good news indeed, especially given the unbelievably bureaucratic and frustrating lack of progress so far on both sides of the Brexit divide.…

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