Can Cannabis Make You More Creative?

Can Cannabis Make You More Creative?

“I smoke a lot of pot when I write music,” says Lady Gaga, the 34-year-old Academy Award-winning singer, songwriter, actress and businesswoman worth $150 million. In a candid interview on CBS ‘60 Minutes’, she became yet another artist to open up about her cannabis use and how it helps her creatively. Like or loathe her music, there’s no denying that Gaga is an extraordinarily talented woman, and it would appear that weed plays an integral role in her creative process. It’s not just musicians who enjoy a little herbal refreshment to get those juices flowing, either. According to a new study by researchers at the University of Michigan, over a third of software programmers have used cannabis on the job, claiming that doing so helps get them into the “programming zone” and promotes creativity. Going back a bit, there are also theories suggesting Shakespeare and Picasso both enjoyed a smoke. So, what is it about cannabis that helps so many people open up creatively and get into that state of flow? How does cannabis help with creativity? How does Cannabis Make you More Creativite? There’s a theory that cannabis users just tend to be people with more creative types of personalities. One 2017 study entitled ‘Inspired by Mary Jane? Mechanisms underlying enhanced creativity in cannabis users’ concluded that sober cannabis users “self-reported higher creativity, and performed significantly better on a measure of convergent thinking” when compared to non-users. However, convergent thinking (more of a process of logical thinking to solve a problem) is only one tiny aspect of creativity. Many would argue that perhaps the least ‘important’ part of the process. As with most of our understanding of creativity as a whole, studies directly exploring this subject matter concerning cannabis are still lacking. But, several studies are looking at the impact…

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