Ukraine looks set to legalise medical cannabis

Ukraine looks set to legalise medical cannabis
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Ukraine’s Health Minister says the Government intends to approve a bill to legalise cannabis for medical purposes, despite the war with Russia raging on. In a Facebook post on 7 June, Health Minister Viktor Liashko, said there was “no time to wait” to approve a bill which would see the regulation of medical cannabis amid the ongoing conflict. The Ukrainian Government is said to have advanced a bill for approval to regulate “the circulation of cannabis plants for medical, industrial purposes, scientific and scientific-technical activities”. It is hoped that this would allow more patients to access this “necessary treatment for cancer and post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from the war.” Liashko wrote: “We understand the negative effects of war on mental health. We understand the number of people who will need medical treatment as a result of this exposure. “And we understand that there is no time to wait. “Therefore, we have already prepared a legislative basis to ensure the full cycle of production of cannabis-based drugs in Ukraine: from cultivation and processing to full-fledged production.” He also highlighted campaigns in the country which have tried to “deliberately equate cannabis-based drugs with illicit cannabis, in order to undermine its value as a medicine” and stated that “cannabis drugs are not ‘competitors’” to recreational drugs. Medical cannabis for PTSD Medical cannabis is increasingly being prescribed in other countries for the treatment of a wide range of conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety and PTSD.  Military veterans have reported anecdotally how helpful the medicine has been for easing the symptoms of PTSD and physical injuries following conflict.  A recent study in the US found that over 70 per cent of veterans in a small focus group, were in remission from PTSD following 90 days of treatment with cannabis.  Elsewhere, researchers in Canada found that…

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