Grow for (Almost) Free with the Right LED

Grow for (Almost) Free with the Right LED
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Talk to any grower about lighting these days, and one hot topic is bound to come up: how to switch from HPS to LED.  How much will it cost me?  Is my state going to force me to do it?  Is there anything I can do to keep my expenses as low as possible? The reality is that this switch doesn’t need to be painful, and can actually save you money even in the near term if you buy industrial grade LED grow lights at the right price. There are two basic things that are going to help: (1) rebates and tax credits, and (2) using high quality industrial grade LED grow lights that reduce electrical consumption and last for many years. Let’s talk about how this all works together to save you money. Courtesy of Spectrum King Part 1: Get Your Rebates Rebates for LEDs are a great way to get cash back, and are generally handled by local utilities on a state-by-state basis. For instance, if you’re in Maine, you’re going to be dealing with Efficiency Maine to get your rebate. In Oregon, you’ll be working with Energy Trust of Oregon. In general, you can save 20% to 60% off the price of your LEDs in states that offer rebates. Each utility company has its own program and requirements, but the following are good rules of thumb to use from the start and maximize what you get back: Make sure the fixtures you buy are DLC listed. DLC’s Horticultural Qualified Products List designates energy-efficient horticultural lighting, and most utilities will only give rebates for listed products. The Spectrum King Phoenix line, for example, is entirely DLC listed.Look at requirements before you buy. In some states, your plan must be reviewed and approved by the utility before you actually purchase the lights. Don’t…

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