Autoflowers in Organic Soil – A How To Guide

Autoflowers in Organic Soil – A How To Guide

Lately, there has been a lot of debate on whether you can or should grow autoflowers in organic living soil. As an organic grower myself, my honest opinion is a resounding yes. There are many reasons why you can and should grow your autos in soil, but three reasons stand out for me. These include the nutrient demands of the plant, how the plants absorb nutrients, and the requirements needed to grow them. The Nutrient Needs of an Autoflower When using organic living soil as your medium for growing an auto, you allow the plant to grow itself, allowing it to take up the nutrients it wants and even needs. Like any other plant, when you plant in soil, you’re thinking of the soil’s health instead of the plant’s health. There’s a reason for this. In an organic grow, you must maintain bacteria and fungus, creating a soil food web. These bacteria and fungi are essential to the plant’s growth due to the relationship they create with the plant. Why is this important, though? The short story is that bacteria and fungus will help with the breakdown of amendments, making the nutrients available to the plants. Not only do they help with that, but they also help regulate nutrients in the plant. The bacteria will, in turn, be fed by the plant, creating a symbiotic relationship. As this relationship continues, whenever the plant needs a specific nutrient or mineral, the fungus and bacteria make it easier for those nutrients to be absorbed. Combining this knowledge with the right equipment, you end up creating an almost self-sustaining organism. The Best Environment for Autoflowers in Organic Soil Most people know that not all plants will grow in all environments. This plant is no different. That’s not to say they won’t grow almost…

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