New Mexico misses deadline for cannabis training standards

New Mexico misses deadline for cannabis training standards

The NM Political Report has the story. In theory, state agencies can require education programs for those who work in the cannabis industry in order to help ensure the public’s safety. And the Cannabis Regulation Act lays out a framework for education standards within the state’s cannabis industry. But currently, there are no rules or regulations for cannabis servers working at consumption lounges that are designed for on-site cannabis consumption and one cannabis educator said she thinks the state is increasing the liability of some business owners.  The Cannabis Regulation Act includes benchmarks for what is referred to as a “cannabis server education program curriculum.” Some of those standards include subjects like how cannabis interacts with other substances like alcohol and illegal drugs, how to spot “problem cannabis product users” and the impact cannabis has on a person’s ability to drive safely. The law also requires that any cannabis server education program be approved by state regulators. But according to the state’s Regulation and Licensing Department and its Cannabis Control Division, there are no specific standards in place beyond what’s in the statute, even though regulators have already begun accepting applications for cannabis consumption lounges and have licensed one company to sell cannabis for on-site consumption. Further, the Cannabis Regulation Act requires that the Cannabis Control Division “begin licensing cannabis training and education programs no later than January 1,2022.” Shanon Jaramillo, cofounder of SeedCrest, a cannabis education company, said she’s worried that licensing consumption areas without specific guidelines for employees will open business owners to more legal liability than necessary. “The gap is, the law says that these establishments that they are approving have to have the cannabis server permit, and they are approving them without access to that, in essence, putting them in a position of higher risk and…

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