Everything you need to know about advertising CBD

Everything you need to know about advertising CBD
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Experts at The C Word Marketing, explain everything you need to know when it comes to advertising a CBD product. You’ve no doubt seen them everywhere – CBD companies claiming that CBD helps or even cures everything from anxiety, skin disorders, nerve pain, and dare I say it; cancers. While there may be evidence and medical research papers to support these claims, currently no CBD product carries a marketing authorisation from the MHRA which means it’s illegal to make such claims. Why is it so important that CBD companies don’t make medical claims? Time after time I am having to explain to our clients and prospective clients that as an industry we need to “pull our socks up”, else the whole industry will come crashing down. “But this CBD company is making medical claims, and that CBD company is, too,” – is the usual response I get. And, while this is very true, we are always explaining in great depth why it is that the C Word will not produce any copy for our clients that leaves them exposed legally. The MHRA’s guidelines on what CBD companies can, and can’t say: Below I have shared, word-for-word what the MHRA’s guidelines are on making medical claims when selling CBD products. It’s vitally important that CBD professionals read, digest and understand this. Yes, it’s annoying, especially when CBD has so many known benefits already, but the medical licensing laws are there for very good reason. Medical products understandably need to go through stringent licensing processing to take them to market. About the MHRA The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) ensures that both medicines and medical devices work and are safe. It is the executive agency of the UK’s Department of Health and Social Care responsible for products classed as CBD sold in the…

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