'Embrace Data and Technology': Q&A With Harborside's Angela Pih

'Embrace Data and Technology': Q&A With Harborside's Angela Pih

<![CDATA[Angela Pih cites herself as a “data-led marketer.” With decades of experience in the cannabis, retail and consumer packaged goods space, Pih has helped accelerate brands to the next level.Pih previously served as the chief marketing officer for California-based cannabis companies Papa & Barkley and CannaCraft. Most recently, she was named the vice president of marketing for Harborside, a California-based vertically integrated cannabis company with 16 retail locations and eight brands.RELATED: Harborside Inc. Expands Leadership Team; Kavi Bhai Named Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis; Angela Pih Named Vice President of MarketingIn this Q&A, Pih provides her top insights into how businesses can implement marketing trends and use them to boost their bottom line.Editor’s note: Angela Pih will speak at Cannabis Conference from 1:30 p.m. to 2:20 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 24 on the “How to Use Today’s Marketing Trends To Boost Your Bottom Line” session alongside LOWD Founder Jesce Horton. In this session, experts will provide their top lessons learned, share regulatory considerations and explain how to evaluate the success of any marketing campaign. Visit http://www.CannabisConference.com for more information and to register.Andriana Ruscitto: What are some of the best strategies businesses can implement to stay on top of marketing trends?Angela Pih: Embrace data and technology to develop your strategies. I’m a data-led marketer so, whether it’s Headset, BDSA or Pistil, look for trends and insight in your numbers. And then second to that, being a technology-first type of marketer. Technology is available within our industry, but not often are all of those types of technologies and data insights brought together as you’re looking at proper channel marketing. I think many brands either don’t have the marketing resources or the financial resources to be able to bring all of those tools together. Marketing, as everybody knows, is not just beautiful…

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