Can you drive on CBD oil?

Can you drive on CBD oil?
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Can you drive on CBD oil? According to a newly published study, medical cannabis at very high doses does not impair driving. In the study conducted by Australian researchers, 1,500mg of cannabidiol (CBD) – the highest daily dose of CBD available – was discovered to not affect people’s driving or cognitive abilities.Many people around the world benefit from CBD, a component of cannabis that helps them relax and feel more energetic. This substance is usually taken orally in the form of oil, but it is also often made into other edible substances, like sweets or chocolate.As it is illegal to market the substance as a health product and it is not available on the NHS, it is classified as a food supplement in the UK. It is allowed to drive whilst under the influence of CBD in many countries, including the UK. Due to its lack of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the substance that gets people high when they smoke cannabis, it is not psychoactive. First study to confirm CBD is driver-safe Lead author Dr. Danielle McCartney, of the University of Sydney, said: “Though CBD is generally considered non-intoxicating, its effects on safety-sensitive tasks are still being established. Our study is the first to confirm that, when consumed on its own, CBD is driver-safe.”The sedative effects of THC do not appear to occur with CBD, which is reported to relieve pain and reduce euphoria. It normally takes three to four hours for CBD to reach its peak concentration in a person’s blood plasma after ingesting it, although responses differ from person to person.Since 2016, the University of Sydney has reported that around 55,000 requests to access medicinal CBD have been approved in Australia. Pain, insomnia, and anxiety are among the most common prescriptions for CBD.17 participants took placebos or took 15,…

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