This tiny Colorado town may change its name to “Kush.” Seriously.

This tiny Colorado town may change its name to “Kush.” Seriously.
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It’s easy to miss Moffat — a 120-person town in southern Colorado’s San Luis Valley that long has been known for its agriculture and ranching history. But if Mike Biggio has his way, this tiny outpost on the edge of Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve soon will be rebranded to reflect what he views as the future of a dying valley. Welcome to Kush, Colorado. “I’m looking to establish this as a world-renowned cannabis region,” Biggio said. Five years ago, Biggio and his business partner founded Area 420, a collection of 70 grow operations in town that likely represents the highest concentration of cannabis producers in Colorado. Now Biggio wants the town’s name to showcase its economic engine: “Kush,” a moniker for marijuana named after the Hindu Kush mountain range in south-central Asia, could be the next Humboldt County, California, he said. The Napa Valley for bud. “This would show the town has both feet in on this and reflect the new culture here,” he said. Biggio’s effort to change the town’s name begins 7 p.m. Tuesday at Moffat’s Board of Trustees meeting. The town lacks the ability to showcase PowerPoint presentations, so Biggio has printed out pages of evidence that this can be done: Wikipedia pages for the Hindu Kush, a radio station’s list of previous Colorado name changes and Forbes articles talking about tourism booms precipitated by legal weed. Tuesday’s meeting is strictly informational, an opening salvo before any votes are taken. The craziest part of all this? Biggio may well have the support he needs. “Change is always good,” said Cassandra Foxx, Moffat’s mayor, who said she’d vote for Kush. “The most dangerous phrase is, ‘We’ve always done it this way.’ That’s the death of society.” Moffat is an anomaly, a cannabis oasis in a deeply red…

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