Can I travel abroad with my medical cannabis prescription?

Can I travel abroad with my medical cannabis prescription?
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There’s a lot of uncertainty when it comes to travelling abroad with a medical cannabis prescription – we asked an expert what patients should know before jetting off this summer.  Now that Covid restrictions have eased, many of us are looking forward to being able to travel abroad again. This summer you might have made plans for a long-awaited week in the sun, or have been looking forward to finally visiting family and friends overseas – but can you take your prescription with you? It’s a question many patients will be facing over the next months and something which naturally causes a lot of fear and uncertainty. After all, it’s a dilemma no one wants to be faced with – do you risk going weeks without your medicine or potentially experiencing issues with law enforcement overseas? The fact is there is no one-size-fits-all answer. It depends on the country you are wishing to travel to – and at this stage, it’s up to you to do your research in advance.  Where is medical cannabis legal? The legality of cannabis varies greatly from country to country. Some allow medicinal cannabis and some even recreational cannabis. Some allow CBD but others do not. It might surprise you that Wikipedia can be a good place to start. It should have a comprehensive list of all countries which have legalised whole-plant cannabis for medical use. These include: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Croatia,  Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Lebanon, Luxembourg, North Macedonia, Malta, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, the United Kingdom and Uruguay. However, guidance from the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society recommends that patients always contact the embassy to check the legal situation in the country they are visiting before travelling anywhere with medical cannabis.…

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