The Incredible Realism of Liam Wesley Goodman’s Art

The Incredible Realism of Liam Wesley Goodman’s Art
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With Liam Wesley Goodman’s work, you can almost feel the sticky texture of resinous buds, catch the glimmer of light in swiss-cheese slabs of shatter and imagine the ooze of gooey concentrates. Goodman has been making art his entire life and one look at his detailed, contemporary approach to capturing cannabis in its full essence tells you that his talent extends beyond just a casual approach to art. His Instagram account (@cannabis.creations) is full of jaw-dropping images and behind-the-scenes glimpses of what it takes to create such incredible, realistic drawings. It’s the distinguished precision and delicate attention to detail that make each piece special. His work stands out in the sea of weed art that often includes predictable tropes such as giant fan leaves on tie-dye print, Technicolor psychedelic scenes and a plethora of joints, blunts and smoking characters. Goodman says his evolution into drawing cannabis began after visiting a vapor lounge in 2017. “My art evolved into cannabis through times of emptiness and a lack of a future, no direction but a passion for creation,” he says. Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Goodman had been practicing realism for about a dozen years and had a passion for creating, but maintains he still felt empty at the time. At the lounge, an employee recognized him and pulled up an old art account that had some of his previous work which included experimental drawings unrelated to cannabis. Later, a manager approached him and asked if he’d be interested in displaying art at their location and the rest is history. Goodman worked for 84 hours on this drawing of a Green Bodhi plant. With more than a decade of experience as a realistic artist, Goodman dove into what he knows best: realism. “I went home and started searching for cannabis studied…

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