The CBD Show – London

The CBD Show – London

The return of in person events is a real sign that the world is emerging from the Pandemic isolation we have endured for the last couple of years. The last CBD show  we attended was at the NEC in Birmingham during the time of peak CBD. That was before the real implications of Novel Foods registration took hold, and just  before lockdowns started. This first show back was at a poorly signposted  Olympia in London at the time of peak novel foods frustration. The backdrop of the show was the Food standards Agency (FSA) publishing its first iteration of the  Novel foods accredited applications. That is a list that just says the companies have submitted the correct information for the FSA to adjudicate on a products safety. Featuring on the list is a big deal for companies because it means their products can stay on sale until the final decision is made. The Novel foods list is a critical index for the CBD industry and the CBD show had a star attraction, a one on one public appearance of Paul Tossell, the Head of Novel Foods at the FSA to defend the list and take questions. The stage was set for companies that had spent 6 figure sums to get accreditation but did not yet appear on the list, to ask serious questions!  Tales of legal challenge filled the air and his appearance was the talk of the show. To his credit Mr Tossell did answer the questions and highlighted some of the issues. The Show itself was a shadow of the pre pandemic events with a reduce number of exhibitors and what appeared to be less footfall, all directly traceable to the Novel foods mismanagement. A lot has happened since 2019 when Novel foods was a dot on the…

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