The Principles of Organic Hemp Cultivation

The Principles of Organic Hemp Cultivation

<![CDATA[Organic crop cultivation has gained popularity over the years as consumers seek out more natural products grown with fewer pesticides. With the prices of pesticides and fertilizers increasing and potential shortages, organic management techniques may start to become even more popular among farmers.With organic production, cultivators do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, and they grow on land that has not had any prohibited substances applied for a minimum of 36 months. To produce crops following the National Organic Program (NOP) standards, a grower must understand the rules and regulations to be officially considered USDA Organic. Approval from a certifying agent allows growers to use the USDA Organic label. If a crop has to go through additional processing to get made into a final product, that processing needs to use approved substances in the manufacturing to be considered organic as well.Going through certification may not be for everybody. Certification comes with a cost, which includes yearly inspections to maintain organic status. Additionally, the cost of managing a crop organically is higher than doing so conventionally, while yields have typically been lower in organic systems. The higher cost of organic production comes from higher costs for organic seeds or plants, certification, labor, equipment and fuel.Some producers instead opt for a hybrid production system, drawing from both conventional and organic management practices. With few pesticides available (most of which are approved for use in organic production), many hemp producers are already following management practices that align with organic farming practices. Hemp certainly is a good option to transition land into organic production.  Still, there is a value-added benefit for producers willing to go through the certification process to become fully organic. Organically grown crops have higher gross returns to farmers compared to conventionally grown crops. Whether a grower wants to seek organic…

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